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User Experience Tips For A Great Web Design

User Experience (UX) is vital part of a web design. Without a great UX, people would not be happy to visit your website, they would simply bounce out and never return. Of course you do not want it to happen, because it would mess with your traffic count. One of the thing you can do to help this condition is to hire the experts in Web Design Malaysia agency, as they are experienced in designing web pages with amazing user experience. What would they do with your website? Here are some of the things they would do.

  • Identify Your 404s

Error 404 means page is not found. Although Google would not penalize your website for having several 404 pages, your visitors might do that. Not found pages are as annoying as other glitches or errors in your website, so you should fix your error 404 whenever it occurs. Error 404 can destroy your user experience and leave them feeling unsatisfied.

  • Optimize Your Page Speed

This one goes without saying, is at the top of the list of why people would avoid visiting your website. One research said that five second of page load time can increase the bounce rate of your website more than 20%. Furthermore, having to browse websites as our daily thing, people are getting more aware of how long it should take in average for a good website to load.

Mobile devices are on the rise. People browse more often through their mobile devices, and even some people own more than one mobile device. Having that fact, your website should be responsive to fit mobile device screen sizes. Not only fit, but it should work without any issue throughout all type of devices.

So those are things that Web Design Malaysia would do for you to improve your website’s user experience. To improve your conversion rate, you need more visitors, in order to increase the number of those visitors, you need better user experience!…